The history of a label: Ilex Beatesca

The history of Montalcino and its territory contains a culture rich in meaning that take us back to distant times in which values were a direct expression of their history and origin.

By studying Montalcino’s toponymy and its coat of arms, we reveal a strong connection with its land. Mons Ilcinus (Montalcino), monte dei lecci (holm oaks), demonstrates the ancient origin of the majestic evergreens and how their presence indelibly characterize the woods of the territory and their relative beauty.

It is no coincidence that in this very same place an elegant and strong wine like Brunello came to life, as if to seal an ancient bond by creating a strong unison with the Sangiovese Grosso, which entered a natural symbiosis with the Quercia Ilex, the evergreen oak.


The Beatesca winery wanted to interpret this bond, dedicating its Super Tuscan “Ilex” to the history of Montalcino and that wonderful and umbriferous species, whose Latin name is precisely Quercus Ilex.  In doing so, Beatesca honors the presence of these magnificent evergreens, some of which date back to more than five hundred years ago.




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