Pici con le Briciole

Extra virgin olive oil or lard,
Dry bread or breadcrumbs.

PROCEDURE: This is a very ancient dish of our people. Very poor dish for everyone. Flour, oil or grease, dry bread, ingredients that no one lacked. The pici are prepared: flour, water and if there was a pinch of salt. Mix the pasta, start to pull the pici and prepare them in skeins and leave them on the pastry board or table. Fry the dry bread crumbs in olive oil and in a pig grease with a little salt. Cook the pici and, after draining them, season them with the crumbs. Spaghetti can also be seasoned with crumbs. Today it is reserved to the pici, rightly because the pici deserve it, a much richer and more appropriate condiment, also to enhance the work of good housewives who still pull them with the heat of the hand.

Recipe to combine with a bottle of Rosso di Montalcino Beatesca