Bancarel’Vino space for small excellences of Tuscany

In the summer of 1983 the first edition of the Bancare l’VINO Award was celebrated.
The sections of the prize are divided into two parts, following the example of the “Bancarella”: a moment dedicated to wine and a moment dedicated to books.

Last yearthe 30th anniversary of the event was celebrated and the excellence of the Lunigiana territory was promoted. This year the festival will take place from the 1st to the 3rd of August and will host small productions from the entire Region.
Concerts, theater performances, exhibitions-marked: all this will animate the narrow alleys of the medieval village, creating unique and suggestive atmospheres.
The essence of this event will be to enhance and promote the “typical”
The wines will be evaluated by a jury of experts who will follow the tasting standards of the International Union of Oenologists.
Confirming the desire to open the doors of the Lunigiana territory to other Tuscan excellences, this year our Beatesca wine will be hosted at the event, represented by Benedetta Pasini, one of the “donne del Brunello“.
To unite Beatesca and Bancarel’VINO there is not only good wine, but the common desire to enhance the small excellences of both the gastronomic world and the world of craftsmanship.